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Two great tastes... ...Not so much.

One part of the Hack Reactor program that my developer friends say is really accurate, in terms of preparing you for the real world, is the "Legacy" project. For four days, you and a team of three to four other people get to build anything you like, using any techs you like. Then comes the "Legacy": for four days, your team picks up another team's project and builds cool stuff out from their starting point. How do they techs they chose work for different people going in a different direction?

In my case, not 100% perfectly. So there was this day that I wasn't sure about how to dynamically generate a dropdown menu with Angular... I tried various methods and they weren't working... Eventually I tried just a straight-up, bog-standard <select></select> tag... Even that didn't show up...!

As you can probably guess from the title, the answer is, MaterializeCSS was not the right fancy CSS framework to use with a constantly shifting thing like Angular. Here's the Stack Overflow answer where someone gives a proper sermon about how MaterializeCSS falls short.

CSS/front-end frameworks make it easier to build a website that shrinks and bends well on a mobile phone, and that looks fine without a lot of poking. In fact, often these days you can look at a website and tell what it was made with, because developers are pretty happy to leave it as it came out of the box. MaterializeCSS is an attempt to look like Google's "Material Design" styles... Same paper-airplane-looking arrow for Submit/Send, etc.

However, apparently, MaterialzeCSS does some of its magic by overwriting normal HTML tags with its own... And any of its own things that require JavaScript to open or drop down or pop up must be initialized when the page loads... And anything that changes after the page loads LIKE SAY when a call to a database returns and populates a dropdown menu with options... Just doesn't happen.

Good times, good times.

You can see the website we worked on here: (If it takes many seconds to load, that's just because we're hosting it for free, and Heroku takes awhile to find it if no one has been there for half an hour). To see the glorious hand-crafted pop-up-div-full-of-checkboxes that I used instead of a drop down menu, you have to log in with GitHub. (Setting up a GitHub account will be worthwhile for you, anyway, but that's a story for another day.)
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