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I've built a fair few open-source projects with small teams of four, and now I'd like to sling code as part of a company! I work with JavaScript presently, though I'd like to branch out into Java and Python (or should I do Ruby instead of Python? Some other language altogether? Feel free to advocate at me in the comments). I like both front-end and back-end work... It's nice that thanks to Node and MongoDB it's possible to be 100% JavaScript in your apps these days, though the API interfaces to other languages/databases generally feel very natural as well.

In terms of projects, you can see their repos here: and , and my GitHub is

GigRTC, live and in the flesh, is ... That was a fun one, building a way to stream your live performance to your peers online. We used the shiny new WebRTC protocol also used by Google Hangouts and its competitors and, which I took a stab at explaining here: English explanation of WebRTC. I got to build the database schemas (my post generalizing that experience, using the Bookshelf/Knex ORM is here) and remind everyone how to work with MySQL; and I got to work on the front end with React and Redux to make cool forms and polish everything and display streams in fancy modern grid lists.

The Team Tesla projects were done with Angular, and MongoDB for databases: I wrote about the social network with GitHub logins in this post, MaterializeCSS and Angular don't work together; and for the hot-or-not mobile app "Which?" I can't provide a web link, but I was very pleased that thanks to Ionic View I was able to deploy the app to our phones (and I deployed the server to Heroku... Man, I love their Node docs, so great).

One of the neat things about the interviewing I've been doing is that I get to see a wide cross-section of the people who work in software development: there are people who have been working in the field since 1978 and have used every language that's come along in that time, and there are people who graduated their bootcamp last summer. Excited founders, people from other fields who learned rudimentary Python to desperately try to surf their wave of data, recruiters who seem to be honestly thrilled about their company....

I'm a meticulous, user-focused, communicative, easy-going, steely-eyed reliable developer, and I'd love it if you phoned or emailed or commented about Bay Area jobs that you'd like to see me at. Here's my resume with my contact info!
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