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We got January 1st off, and after some computer erroring I was in the Stack Overflow network of sites, having actually asked a question about where Chrome stored its user data. Which inspired me to go find something to try to get enough points to be able to upvote all the people who had been so helpful to me over the last year.

I found a guy who had a question that almost boiled down to "Angular, how does it work". The literal day before I'd watched a lecture on that subject--I still had the tab open--so I took a crack at it, over the next few hours. You can see the results here.

I then started trying to implement his beautiful boxes website, using my own advice, to see if it was any good, so I could go back and actually truly help him. Making projects and studying in Hack Reactor kept me away from it, though. This is a note to self that I'd like to come back someday.

I did, at least, collect two people who thought the explanation was good enough for a vote... So now I can really be a part of the S.O. community. At last!

EDIT: Dave and I were chatting about this, and he was curious what the deal was with points on Stack Overflow. I wanted the points so that I could give props to all the people who have made my life better by writing great answers. You need 15 points to upvote, and each upvote you get gives you 10 points. At the very peak, aside from feeling somewhat good about themselves, the good answerers get to become mods if they choose.
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