May. 20th, 2015

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Going by on my Twitter feed was a "Yay look at this coolness" link to a Kathy Sierra talk about how to learn quickly. "OMG sounds great!" I thought, since I've heard a lot about Kathy Sierra's abilities to show the path of glory in tech. But I found the talk incredibly depressing. These were the gloom-inducing points:

-If you can't master a thing in about three 45-90 minute sessions, it's too big and you should break it up into littler things to learn.

But... So obviously "programming" and "javascript" are too big to learn. But it's fairly cruel to put it on me to figure out how to do anything that tends towards learning with a smaller unit. Say I focused on for loops, that might be small enough, but what other stuff do I also need to be able to have a useful for loop learning environment?

-If you spend a long time being crummy at something you learn that being crummy is how to be


-The best way to learn is to stab at like 2-300 examples of a good thing, over the course of like 2-3 hours. But in web development training, these collections of 2-300 good snippets don't exist.

Ok, then.

I am disappoint. But whatever, I already felt like I should just copy over the Gordon Zhu 6.3 answer to study it and then go try to get some wins elsewhere (either redoing EJ up to this point, or heading into new areas). I suppose a takeaway here is, Yes, go find new code snippets to examine.

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