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People on Amazon and elsewhere seem to agree that they do not grok the Table example, so I was curious to get to it. I also don't read it on first pass. I didn't read the squirrel/phi example last chapter, though, either... This one doesn't seem deeper in the weeds than that, at first pass.

I don't understand polymorphism. Inheritance seems simple, but that may be because I vaguely remember that CodeAcademy Javascript, which I did a year ago, hit that hard. Polymorphism seems like it might be like cell biology... Like, many proteins have zinc fingers, structures that hold out a metal ion to interface with other proteins structures. When you see one, you have an idea what that protein/program is going to be up to. But that's just a guess.

Right now I don't understand something fundamental about wording in Javascript... Like, "line" seemed important in his example, but searching the page, it just suddenly appears in the TextCell constructor. I think it's drawing from the array/object inputs, but I need to track down how. For my own code I suspect I'll be doing a ton of veryLongWordyThingThatExplainsBetter, for awhile.
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Happened to find this while setting up a Twitter account:

Nice to see that taking notes and having soft skills are called out as useful. When I trained people in science, taking notes was 1:1 the sign of someone who was going to be more helpful than not.

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