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I use Safari for testing websites and for cruising Facebook, but it's been paining me that the tab-switching uses different keys than every other browser. Today, after absent-mindedly once again failing to move from the tab I was on, I searched for a way to customize the shortcuts. There's nothing specific to Safari, but... There is a Mac-wide way to set keyboard shortcuts, which can be made specific to Safari. And despite not restarting Safari after setting it up, I just absent-mindedly switched tabs and it worked! These are the instructions I followed. This is what I wrote in Step 4, just in case you need to make this change in your own life:
Show Previous Tab
Show Next Tab
(I was just so pleased that it worked. The dearth of Google results wasn't filling me with confidence.)
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I made a presentation on Basics of Web Accessibility to give to the 70-some people currently studying at Hack Reactor Remote with me! You can look at the slides here:

The presentation went well, and I hope I left people with some good thoughts about the wealth of different people out there who could use our things on the web, and how to build for those people.

The next day, coding away on a clone, my pair and I came to the point where we had to build a login form, and I realized that since I had literally just given the talk, I would have to walk the walk... I say on the slides, "Labels: if you do them right, clicking the word will tick the box (or whatever)". There are two ways to do this right, and over last week and next I've used both of them. Here they are:
<label for="login">Type your handle here!</login>
<input id="login" type="text"></input>

<label>Type your handle here!<input type="text"></input></label>
In the first, you have an "id" attribute on the labelled element, and the label's "for" attribute points to it. In the second, the <label> and </label> tags wrap the input element. I like the first better, since I can then lay out my code however I like; but the second is still there, for cases where everything's all in one place and it won't be messy to nest the tags but it would be messy to have a bunch of attributes.

The result, though, where you wave your hand, vaguely clicking in the area, and you get the cursor focused in the box... That's what the web oughtta be!

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