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Woop! I've been silent because, some months back, I got into Hack Reactor Remote. It started Monday, and now I have a better sense of what they mean by their "please don't leak our secrets" note in their initial communications... They even suggested some things that make for possibly good blog posts.

Sidenote: I take paper notes because they served me well in college, and I've got vague impressions of research that indicates that things you hand write are things you remember better. (I should buy myself a notebook instead of doing archaeologically interesting things ie reusing paper that only has one side printed on.)

Next to me is a note of something Robin Kim, our technical mentor, said offhandedly (not his exact words):
When you have a bunch of console.log() reporters in your code to help debug it, include in them some indication of where they're coming from. So, like,
console.log('line 233', thing)
The comma is the separator to use in this instance.
He didn't say what made comma the best.

So this is neat because 1. obviously smart and useful idea and 2. wooo, even advanced coders still use console.log to debug! Putting break points in to the Chrome Dev Tools console has been great, also, but nice to know that Chrome Dev Tools are not necessarily the Only True Path.

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