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I looked at the Hack Reactor suggestions for what one should be able to do before applying, and headed over to to try their easy track. They score submissions based not only on correctness, but on time, which is not at all my bag. I think when I saw that a year ago I just turned away, even though a friend suggested doing it on my own time and then pasting the answer in... I might do that in the future.

Their first question was the exact same as I saw last week; reverse a string. I came up with this, which, amusingly, is not what I did last week. It uses the join method of arrays that I was searching for last week, so I'm pleased that knowledge is in me...
function FirstReverse(str) { 
  var hold = [];
  for(var i = str.length - 1; i >= 0 ; i--){
  var foo = hold.join("");
  return foo; 

Also, heeey, check out the respect of spacing in that code block. I thought there were HTML tags about code, and found <code> and thought that was it... Ben the housemate says code isn't really a HTML tag and turned me on to <pre>. Thanks!

Anyway, a good thing about CoderByte: they let you see what other people did, after, answering the socrating question of my friend Catherine about whether I looked at other people's solutions. There's a solution like mine above, but relying on methods of strings and arrays that I wasn't aware of; and that solution lets one do everything in a single line!
function FirstReverse(str) { 
  return str.split('').reverse().join('');
Way more elegant.

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